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FREE Audio Conference Call Service with No Booking & No Billing!

DBS Free Audio Conference Call Service
The DBS Phone Conference Call Service is FREE and lets you hold meetings over the phone for up to 50 people.

All you pay for is the cost of your telephone call.

It's the green alternative with an absolutely minimal carbon footprint.

Why waste time travelling to meetings and spend money on fuel for cars that pollute the environment when our free audio conference call service is available anytime you want to use it?


How does it work?

Step 1

To start holding meetings over the phone with our audio conference service you will need a PIN number.

You can order your PIN number for free below.

Use the same PIN number every time you want to make an audio conference call.


Step 2

Let your colleagues know the date and time of the meeting and give them the phone number to call for the phone conference:

0843 290 6868

...and also give your colleagues the PIN number to access the phone conference call securely. Most people do this by email.

You can order your PIN number for free below.


Step 3

Start the audio conference call at the agreed time by dialling:

0843 290 6868

You will be prompted to enter your PIN number.

Your colleagues call the same number at the agreed time.

They will be prompted to enter the PIN number you gave to them.

Start your audio conference and when you're ready to end it just hang up.

You can order your PIN number for free below.


How to order your free PIN number...

Ordering the FREE phone conferencing service is really simple. We do NOT require payment from you so we won't need any credit/debit card details or your bank details.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and click the SUBMIT button to send it to us. We will then email you your free PIN number and you are ready to start your phone conference service.

Note: Items marked * are required fields.

  1. (we'll send your Free PIN number to this email address)

Please note that our Phone Conference Service is available to UK based customers only.


What is the setup cost?

ZERO - there are no set up costs whatsoever.

How much is the monthly or annual service charge?

ZERO - there are no monthly or annual service charges.

Do I have to book a time slot for my audio conference call?

No - the free conference call service is available 24-7, 365 days a year.

Is the conference call secure?

Yes - totally. You are given a PIN number that is uniquely yours.

Is there a minimum use clause?

No - once you've got your PIN number you can make just a one-off call or use the phone conference service all the time.

How do you bill me?

We don't. Each caller pays for the cost of their own telephone call to the DBS Phone Conference number which is: 0843 290 6868. Call costs are typically 4.3p + VAT per minute from a landline based on BT's call tariffs. Calls made from mobile phones & other operators may vary.

Is there a maximum number of callers?

Yes - 50 is the maximum number of callers.

Can I get a recording of my phone conferences?

Yes you can! Please call us on 0800 046 1688 for more information.



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